Does Canned Oxygen Really Work? (Read This First)

Canned Oxygen or oxygen canister has been on the market for some time. No extensive research shows its negative effects or medicinal value regarding treatment. However, going by how easily it’s available over the counter in your local store, there must be something about it.

So, you might wonder how canned Oxygen is useful to your body when you inhale it. You may have heard many instances about the benefits of canned Oxygen and the difference it makes in your body. Find out if it works and, if so, how.

Here’s whether canned oxygen work

Canned Oxygen contains concentrated Oxygen. It’s promoted to enhance an individual’s respiratory system naturally. Most people use it for recreational purposes to hasten recovery after expending a lot of energy.

For instance, professional athletes use canned Oxygen as a booster to increase energy and stamina and spur the faster recovery of muscles. You don’t need a prescription to use it.


Does canned oxygen work for altitude sickness

Canned Oxygen works by rejuvenating your respiratory system while boosting it, allowing you to breathe better as you cope with the high altitude while ascending. The oxygen inhaler gives you strength and reduces the likelihood of developing altitude sickness.

It’s, however, not a substitute for treatment, especially when you have persistent symptoms.

The best treatment is to stop ascending, take a rest to manage the symptoms, and descend at an average rate but as fast as possible. Ensure you seek medical attention after descending.

Altitude sickness (acute mountain sickness) is likely to occur when you ascend to 8000ft and above. Here, the air becomes thinner with lower oxygen concentration per square foot.

The lower oxygen concentration causes issues in a person’s respiratory system resulting in low oxygen levels in your blood and tissues.

The low oxygen level is typically referred to as hypoxia. Hypoxic stress is subject to elevation, how quickly you ascend, and how long you’ll be at that level. Reports suggest people who sleep at 10000ft are prone to develop hypoxemia.

By acclimatizing yourself, the best way to significantly reduce acute mountain sickness is to watch out for the rate you ascend. Some of the symptoms of altitude sickness can be?

  • Fatigue
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Loss of appetite
  • Headache
  • Dizziness or feeling light in your head
  • Nausea or vomiting.

Kindly note that as much as altitude sickness might have mild symptoms, there are other severe cases that can lead to death. Also, it doesn’t affect hikers only, for some the quick ascending to high altitude is a recipe for disaster.

Does canned oxygen work for hiking

During hiking, you are prone to shortness of breath, inhaling the 95% concentrated oxygen once in a while keeps you going. A hike will sometimes involve ascending to several thousand meters above sea level. That means you need to be conversant in ascending to high altitudes, if not, carry canned Oxygen.

When hiking, the more you ascend, the more difficult it is to breathe because of a decrease in oxygen concentration at higher altitudes.

Quick ascending will result in respiratory issues because your body needs to acclimate with every 300 meters you climb above 9845 ft (3000m).

Canned Oxygen is a great supplement for your respiratory system. You may use it as a booster. But the best way is to check the rate at which you ascend, properly acclimate, and use Oxygen when needed.

Is canned oxygen dangerous

Canned oxygen is not dangerous. Ever seen athletes inhale something directly from a can or use a gas mask during a short break? Chances are high it’s canned Oxygen. If professional athletes use it, then it must be safe.

More so, in 2010, World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) struck supplemental canned oxygen from the list of banned substances. The question is, to what extent can you use it?

Inhaling canned Oxygen replenishes the level of Oxygen in your body, which should be between 96% and 99% for you to function properly.

It may beat logic why you need 95% concentrated Oxygen which is almost the same as the concentration rate in your body.

For athletes, inhaling the Oxygen fills up their lungs and gives them an instant burst of energy needed at that moment. Athletes expend a lot of energy, causing their muscles to tire as they gasp for breath.

Canned Oxygen is handy to quickly restore energy as the Oxygen circulates in the bloodstream and muscles.

But for a regular jogger, canned Oxygen makes no significant difference unless you have respiratory issues, which you should be treated for.

With that, some of the benefits of oxygen bars include:

  • Mood improvement
  • Reduces stress
  • Boosts concentration
  • Improves your sleep
  • Relieves migraines and headaches
  • Boosts performance in sports
  • Eases hangovers

Canned Oxygen with a scent

Some canned oxygen have scents to improve the user experience by providing variety. As the producers scent the oxygen bars, users risk developing lung complications.

To incorporate the scent, the producer uses chemicals that can stem from natural plant extracts. The chemicals are likely to cause allergic reactions in some people ranging from mild to severe. Symptoms related to the reaction can be:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Worsening asthma
  • Shortness of breath

One unique danger about oxygen bars is giving you a placebo effect. A placebo effect is anything that looks like real medical treatment, but it’s not. So, when using oxygen bars, you should avoid using them as a treatment.

For instance, the placebo effect makes you feel confident as you overcome the symptoms for a while. If you note symptoms are worsening despite its use, seek medical treatment.

How long does canned oxygen last

Oxygen canisters come in different sizes. How long it lasts depends on the size and frequency you use it. Different companies have unique packages in liters.

A company like BOOST has a 2-liter size small enough to fit in a pocket that contains 2 liters of Oxygen. A 2-liter canister will run out after 40 inhalations, a second each.

The same applies to their 2022 3-liter canister with over 3 liters of Oxygen. A 3-liter canister will run out after 60 inhalations, a second each.

BOOST has medium and large canisters of 5 liters and 10 liters. They recommend using these sizes at home.

The 5-liter will elapse after 100 inhalations, a second each, and for 10 liters, it is likely to last for 200 seconds, equivalent to 200 inhalations.

Best canned oxygen sizes for hikes

Since your hike will take days, carrying enough stock of the oxygen canister is necessary. For example, the 5 and 10-liter boost canisters are sizable but lightweight.

It’s possible to carry several of these in your backpack since one canister allows 200 inhalations, each equivalent to a second.

Carrying 3 of those will guarantee you 600 inhalations. It’s better to be prepared with surplus just in case of anything. You can also get a four-pack of 5-liter canisters at an affordable rate.

Where can I get canned oxygen

You can get canned Oxygen (BOOST Oxygen) in your local stores like Walmart, BI-MART, CPAP STORE, City Market, Dick’s Sporting goods, and pharmacies like CVS Pharmacy.

It’s also available at thousands of independent retailers countrywide. Other types of canned Oxygen, some from international markets, include:

  • Vitality Air
  • Oxygen Plus
  • Oxykan
  • Oxy99 B-type
  • Oxygen Pro
  • ClearO2, plus more.

What is the best-canned oxygen?

Oxygen Plus and BOOST Oxygen are among the leading brands of canned Oxygen. To be able to use the Oxygen comfortably and effectively, it needs to be user-friendly.

Portable cans are the best for activities like hiking and sports. They are light and easy to carry around. You can use one hand while inhaling since your palm can wrap around the canister.

Or, go for pocket-size-friendly, which you can carry around if you plan to use it sparingly.

Some come with an inhaling mask which might be convenient depending on the individual. Some people prefer an inhaling mask because they find it easier to use.

Also, you can use an inhaling mask at home since you’ll not need to carry it around.

Use canned Oxygen correctly.

Canned Oxygen is the best way to get an instant energy boost in the shortest time possible. The concentrated Oxygen is best suited for athletes, older adults, and hikers. For hiking, it works best by enabling you to cope with shortness of breath once in a while.

Canned oxygen works within its limits which don’t include treatment. It’s great to have it in your home for recreational purposes like relaxing, easing hangovers, reducing stress, etc. When using it, try to be keen and avoid placebo effects that might lead to worsening disease symptoms.