JW Marriott vs Marriott Hotels: A Side-by-Side Comparison

JW Marriott and Marriott Hotels are 2 of thirty hotel brands Marriott International owns. These two establishments offer exceptional amenities and comfort to their guests throughout the year and at any of their locations. They are both well-respected and established hotel brands in the hospitality industry.

Here’s the main difference between JW Marriot and Marriott Hotels

JW Marriott is a luxury hotel brand, while Marriott Hotels is more of a mainstream brand. JW Marriott offers luxury and premium services with their elegant rooms and top-notch dining options. Meanwhile, Marriott Hotels offer their clients a more traditional hotel experience.


Quick comparison overview

JW Marriott is an expensive brand whose target market is business travelers, upscale tourists, and individuals who can afford their luxurious amenities.

Families and budget-conscious travelers looking for a comfortable place often choose to stay at Marriott Hotels.

AspectJW MarriottMarriott Hotels
Target marketBusiness travelers and upscale touristsFamilies and budget-conscious travelers
LocationPrestigious locationsWide range, including city centers and suburban areas
AmenitiesMore on-site amenitiesA diverse range of amenities, customizable services
PricingMore expensiveBudget-friendly option
Rewards programMarriott BonvoyMarriott Bonvoy
PersonalizationHigh-end, exclusive amenitiesMore traditional hotel experience
ServicePersonalized serviceMay focus less on service
Dining optionsTop-notch dining optionsMore casual or quick-service options
AvailabilityLimited number of hotels globallyWide range of hotels globally

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JW Marriott Hotels are located in prestigious locations to give guests a serene environment.

On the other hand, Marriott hotels can be found in a wider range of locations, including city centers and suburban areas.


The JW Marriott has more on-site amenities compared to Marriott hotels.

These utilities help them cater to a more upscale and luxury-oriented market.

At a stay in the luxury brand, you will have access to exceptional fitness centers, spas, and pools for the recreation of your choice.


The JW Marriott Hotels are in a higher tier compared to Marriot Hotels.

And therefore, the rates are typically more expensive than standard Marriotts.

Typically, in JW Marriot, you will see a higher quality hotel with stunning differences in terms of the furnishings, the construction and the linens used in the rooms and bathrooms.

Pros of staying at JW Marriott/Marriott Hotels

Marriott international has one of the largest hotel-reward programs called Marriott Bonvoy.

This points system is a way to help guests get the most out of their money and receive exclusive treatment.

Clients can earn points by staying at Marriott establishments, using Marriott credit cards, or by purchasing the points.

In JW Marriott and Marriott hotels, you can use your points to get a free nights’ stay, receive a room upgrade, or enjoy one of the luxurious experiences, such as a spa treatment.

Marriott Bonvoy points can also be used for airfare, car rentals, or other travel-related expenses through Marriott’s travel partners.

Some drawbacks of staying at JW Marriott or Marriott Hotels

One of the major drawbacks of staying at a JW Marriott is the cost. The brand is more expensive than most hotel chains, such as Marriott Hotels.

A night’s stay in a standard room can cost a few hundred dollars. The prices for villas, suites, and executive rooms can be significantly higher.

Peak travel seasons and the property’s location may also affect the pricing.

Marriott Hotels offer a budget-friendly option, but it lacks individualism.

The chain offers a more traditional hotel experience, and the premises’ designs can be too uniform and formal.

This can be a major setback for guests who enjoy personalization and uniqueness.

JW Marriott has less variety of amenities compared to Marriott Hotels. The luxury hotel brand prioritizes high-end services and mostly offers exclusive amenities.

However, Marriott Hotels cater to a diverse range of travelers, and they customize their services to meet the needs of their guests. These facilities can include affordable meeting and event spaces.

The staff at Marriott Hotels may focus less on service than JW Marriott.

Since the establishment is a more budget-friendly brand, the service workers may not emphasize personalized service.

Because of the small number of JW Marriott Hotels globally, guests might crowd establishments near popular attraction sites especially during holidays.

This can lead to long wait times at restaurants and other facilities.

Marriott hotels in smaller towns may not have the same premium dining options as those in larger cities. Additionally, Marriott properties may prioritize offering their guests more casual or quick-service dining options rather than fine dining experiences.