What Happens If I Miss My Greyhound Bus? Here’s What You Do

Missing your Greyhound bus can be a frustrating and stressful experience. But don’t worry, there are a few things you can do to minimize the inconvenience.

First, try to arrive at the station early. This will give you some buffer time in case there are any delays or problems. But what will happen if you miss the bus?

Here’s What Happens If You Miss Greyhound Bus

If you miss your Greyhound bus, you should first call the Greyhound station or go to the ticket countertop and tell them that you missed your bus. They may be able to hold the bus for you or put you on the next available bus.


Wait For The Next Bus

After you realize you have missed your bus, you need to head to the ticket counter and explain your problem.

You will need to tell them that you have missed your bus and must take the next bus leaving the station.

Request the ticket agent to reprint your ticket so that you can have the next bus take you to where you are going.

Most of the time, the bus uses the same route as yours or a later bus. You will be given a later bus that often runs on that route.

Within 2 or 3 hours, another bus will arrive, and you will use your ticket to board it for the next stop.

Reprint Your Ticket

Sometimes, the route you are going may not be an often one, and you may have to wait longer for the next bus.

This may inconvenience you, especially if you want to reach your destination soon. That is when you will need to ask for your ticket to be reissued.

Before reprinting, you should ask the ticket agent when the next bus will be leaving the station, or you will spend long hours before the next Greyhound is scheduled for the next station.

If it will take a long time to leave, ask if there is a way to reroute. This is a good solution since the next bus could pass through a station you can connect to your destination.

If possible, he or she will print a ticket using another route to get you home.

Disadvantage Of Reprinting

Reprinting has flaws because it can put you on routes with longer layovers than you wanted. The initial route you take is the quickest, and sometimes they do not have the exact route as yours.

Stay At The Station Instead Of Reprinting Your Ticket

To avoid staying for super long hours on your journey, waiting for 6 to 10 at the station for a bus using your route can be ideal.

The next station may have a long layover.

Remember that there are a lot of people that have the same problem as yours at other different Greyhound stations, and you should expect more delays.

The bus could also be late, or it could be a backup bus.

Also, it can happen that the next bus does not have enough extra seats, and your ticket number is for the bus after that hence leading to you staying even longer at the station.

If You Choose the Reprinting Way,

Once your ticket is reprinted, you must look at it keenly and determine the next step.

Check on the ticket, what time the next bus is leaving, and other key information such as the date and seat number.

If catching the next bus takes too long, you may get bored at the station. You can decide to walk around the time until it arrives.

Only loiter in the town center during the day, and at night, stay at the station.

You do not want to be in a situation with the bad people outside at night or collide with the feds.

Book a hotel if you do not want to sleep at the Greyhound bus station.

Hotel booking apps such as hotels.com and booking.com will come in handy at night as they will assist you in reserving a stay for the night if the next bus is scheduled for the next day.

Have taxi apps on your phone to save time when going in and out of the station if you are not sleeping there.

Situations When You Should Reprint Your Bus Ticket

Sometimes, the ticket agent may recommend you wait for the next bus when reprinting would have been better.

If you have one more station to your destination, the agent can speak to the driver, and he will let you in.

If there is more than one station or there will be other connections, request the agent to reissue a ticket.

The ticket for the next layover may be old, the driver will not let you in, and you will be left stranded at the station.

$20 Fee

The reason for missing the bus may be Greyhound’s or your responsibility.

If it is your fault for missing the bus, such as late arrival, they will charge you 20 dollars to reprint a ticket.

Make sure that they are not charging you because of Greyhound’s problems.

Refuse to pay the fee if they demand it if the reason for missing the bus is their fault.


Every problem has a solution when handled in the right way. Greyhound Bus is one of the leading transport service providers, and they have a great team of professionals ready to answer all questions you ask. If you miss a bus, these steps will offer you the right guidance on getting home safely with their commuter system.