Hilton Garden Inn or Doubletree – What Are The Differences?

If you enjoy traveling, there’s a good chance you’ve considered spending a night away from home. Or perhaps you need a weekend mental break to prepare for the coming workweek. But you’re probably torn between Hilton Garden Inn and DoubleTree.

The choice between Hilton Garden Inn and DoubleTree, two of the best hotels on the market, might be challenging. So let’s examine the differences.

Here’s the main difference between Hilton Garden Inn and DoubleTree

Hilton Garden Inn is Hilton’s mid-priced hotel brand, while DoubleTree is Hilton’s upscale hotel brand. For amenities, Hilton Garden Inn hotels are located in suburban areas, while DoubleTree hotels are usually found in major urban areas. Hilton Garden Inn hotels also have less robust amenities and services than DoubleTree hotels.

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Explore these two gorgeous properties and see what makes them stand out.

Quick comparison overview:

Hilton Garden InnDoubleTree
PricesPriceyFairly cheaper
Style/FeelHome-away-from-home feelExecutive/Luxury
Number of Locations862 properties with over 126000 rooms globally587 hotels with over 135000 rooms globally
Rooms/Room typeStandard suite with workspace

Has kitchen with equipment
Standard suites with no workspace.

No kitchen
Services and AmenitiesSwimming pool

Lobby with WiFi

Social Space

Meetings and Events space

24-hour retail store

Cooked-to-order breakfast
Special events space

EV charging


Family-friendlyNo pets allowed

Pet friendly

Less family-friendly

Number of locations

You will likely find more Hilton Garden Inn resorts in many urban areas, just like DoubleTree hotels.

Therefore, they will suit you best if you travel to major cities across the United States and other countries worldwide.

Hilton Garden Inn

Many Hilton Garden Inn properties are located in large towns and cities that attract many tourists.

Therefore, if you are a tourist going to major attraction sites, it will suit you during your vacation stay.

Many large international airports around the US also have a Hilton Garden Inn that you can reserve for a rest before your next destination.

These hotels are spread out also across many countries in the world.

Since the hotel opened its doors to customers, it has grown to serve 49 countries and territories worldwide.

The total number of Hilton Garden Inn properties is 862, with over 126,000 rooms that you can book.

You will get access to their services in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.


DoubleTree hotels follow the same path as Hilton Garden Inn regarding how they offer their services.

They will be available if you are looking for a temporary stay in the urban center.

Similarly, DoubleTree will have you covered for your airport accommodation needs.

It is the fastest-growing brand of Hilton Worldwide hotels and provides services in fewer countries than Hilton Garden Inn.

You can find their services in 47 countries and territories worldwide. The properties in these regions accumulate to 587.

Although Hilton Garden Inn has more properties around the world, the high growth rate of DoubleTree means that it has more than 135,000 rooms for booking.

Services and Amenities

The two sister hotels have distinct ways of serving you during your stay. The differences are quite significant, and they are as follows.

Hilton Garden Inn

Hilton Garden Inn will provide you with amenities and services that will favor your stay at the hotel.

For instance, a swimming pool is provided, a cool feature you can enjoy.

There is a presence of a fitness center where you can do all your exercise activities even if you are not near your local gym or your house to stay healthy.

Expect to find a lobby at Hilton Garden Inn that allows you to rest well even when you are away from your rooms.

Additionally, there is free wifi to enjoy all the latest news or post your stay on social media. The lobby is also warm and allows you to work remotely.

You can get a social space where you can gather and socialize with friends and family. The space also provides you with cozy seating ready for impromptu meetings.

It is also quiet, as you can reply to your emails peacefully while your devices charged with the available power connectivity.

They have a private meeting and events space with ready facilities and equipment like connectivity and technology for business or social meetings.

Cooked-to-order breakfast is served at the hotel. You can choose their menu for breakfast from French toast, hot sandwich breakfast, and personalized eggs.

They offer a free breakfast package you can add to your staycation package that is free for two adults and children under five years old.

Their restaurant offers you great meals and drinks available from their menu. They include beverages, cocktails, and small and large bites.

They also have a 24-hour retail store where you can shop for anything you need conveniently at any time, be it snacks, personal effects, or clothing.


The amenities and services at DoubleTree somewhat differ from those provided by Hilton Garden Inn.

To start with, they offer you wellness services from the spa they have.

They include facials and massages from head to toe. You can surprise your spouse or partner with a spa day at the hotel.

Another great amenity you will enjoy at their hotel is their fitness center.

One thing about Hilton Hotel Holdings is that they care about their customer’s physical health by providing gym facilities.

You will find gym equipment like lifts, dumbbells, and treadmills for you to use.

DoubleTree offers an events space, but it is not similar to that provided by its sister chain of hotels.

They have a private space for special events, including weddings, anniversaries, or birthday celebrations.

Contemporary food and drinks are served at the bar and restaurant, which includes urban eateries, and the cocktail drinks on their menu are great.

Signature DoubleTree cookies are offered, which you can have as a snack or dessert.

If you want your pet to join your holiday at Hilton Garden Inn, you may have to rethink your decision or opt for DoubleTree. They are not pet-friendly.

EV charging stations for electric cars are provided in the hotels. You don’t need to have range anxiety at the hotel or where you will be charging your car when on vacation.

Vacation and holiday packages like resorts and golf hotel getaways are offered at DoubleTree by Hilton.

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When it comes to the types of rooms in Hilton Garden Inn and DoubleTree, they are similar. A maximum of 4 adults and four children are allowed per room, which you can reserve on their website.

For groups, you can request to reserve more than ten rooms as the limit is nine rooms. Here is the difference between the rooms and accommodation the two have.

Hilton Garden Inn

To improve your stay, they have ensured that the rooms are spacious. They are large enough to fit furniture to accommodate everyone.

Each room has cozy beds regardless of the room type you choose according to how many people will sleep there.

The fabric on the bed and bedding is made of the finest material from the best designers around the world.

Other essential furniture includes a desk, a table lamp, a chair, and a stool to give you a home away from home feel during your stay.

A workspace with charging outlets is also present in the rooms to assist you in working with convenience when traveling.

Electrical equipment like an in-room fridge and coffee machine are standard in the rooms.


The rooms are different because they lack a dedicated workspace like those in Hilton Garden Inn. You also do not get a kitchen. However, the rooms are equipped with technology, as you can access them with your smartphone.

Ordinary furniture is present in the rooms like in other basic hotels. Expect them to have cabinets, drawers, cozy beds, and a wardrobe.


While traveling with your family, you must consider how compatible a hotel is with your children and pets. If you consider traveling with your family, these differences will assist you in judging correctly.

Hilton Garden Inn

If you want to have a good time with your family and kids, HGI has all the essentials.

Every morning, breakfast is served free of charge if you have their free breakfast package.

Cooked-to-order breakfast suits everyone since you can order any food with your specifications for your morning.

Free wifi in the rooms is a great feature as it keeps the whole family entertained. No one will miss an episode of their favorite show because they do not have data.

The equipment in the rooms includes a coffee machine and refrigerator, which ensures that you can brew your favorite coffee and keep any of your foods chilled.

Amenities like the pool, fitness center and social space are available to suit the whole family’s preferences.


GoldenTree provides a fantastic feel-at-home space with services and amenities for the family but not as many as the brother hotel offers.

Standard amenities include a fitness gym, events space, and a spa for wellness.

Their signature cookies are also great to enjoy with the whole family, besides the great food and beverages the bar and restaurant will provide you.

Style and Feel

Both hotels will give a distinct feel to the quality of stay you will get. These differences will help you select which environment suits you.

Hilton Garden Inn

You will get the homely vibe from the rooms and spaces for gatherings to the swimming pool. You will feel like staying longer at HGI.


The kind of services you get here is executive and luxurious. They are the type of services you get less often.

These include the spa and a golf resort. You feel like a VIP when having a stay at GoldenTree.

Both hotels will give you all the services you need for your buck.

It depends on your preferred services, who you are traveling with, or how long you want to stay. All of these have something to offer.

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