Hampton Inn vs Hilton Garden Inn? – 5 Things You Should Know

Are you looking for the best fit between the Hampton Inn and the Hilton Garden Inn? That is before you book or make any payment commitment.

If so, here are six major differences between the two that you should consider before settling. Take a look.

Here’s the main difference between Hampton Inn vs Hilton Garden Inn

Hampton Inn is a restricted-service hotel, while the Hilton Garden Inn is a full-service hotel. This is the main difference between them.

Though both are Hiltons most affordable brands. The Hilton Garden Inn provides a more upscale experience compared to Hamptons Inn.


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Number of locations

When it comes to numbers, the Hampton Inn takes a win. But the Hilton Garden Inn hotels are more spread around the globe.

If looking for a hotel that you will be loyal to, especially in the United States, then Hampton will serve you well.

But if you are looking for one with chains across many countries for international travel, then the Hilton garden inn will serve you well.

Here is a comparison of the two hotels in terms of geographical distribution and number.

Hampton Inn

Hampton Inn has more than 2833 hotels spread in 31 countries.

In the United States, there are more than 2300 hotels. Texas hosts the majority of the Hampton hotels. There are more than 200 Hamptons Inn hotels.

Thirty-eight hotels are under their management, while the others are franchises.

So, in the United States, in many states, you will be able to find your preferred Hampton brand there. And in 38 other countries.

Hilton Garden Inn

In contrast, the Hampton Inn has more hotels in number than the Hilton garden inn. But regarding geographical distribution in terms of countries, the Hilton Garden Inn wins.

Their 900 hotels are in more than 50 countries. If you want to be loyal to this brand, you can find them in 50 countries.


The Hilton Garden Inn is more pricey than the Hampton Inn. This is because the Hilton Garden Inn is an – service hotel while the Hampton Inn is a limited service Hotel.

Let’s look at the services and amenities the two hotels offer. The service and amenities make one more pricey than the other.

Hampton Inn

If you want to save on hotel spending, then the Hampton Inn will sort you out. It is a much cheaper option.

Depending on the location, season, and demand, the price of a standard Hampton Inn hotel room ranges between $100 to $150 per night.

With these charges, you will get a continental breakfast and fitness facilities.

You will also get a complimentary breakfast when you go to the Hamptons, saving even more money.

If you are traveling with family and need something affordable, the Hamptons inn takes a win. The only catch is that the services you will receive here are limited.

Hilton Garden Inn

Hilton Garden Inn’s price is steep compared to the Hampton Inn.

This is a full-service hotel, and you will likely find more luxury. It has many amenities like a restaurant, bar, well-equipped fitness center, swimming pool, and business center.

A standard room at the hotel will cost you between $150 to $250 depending on location, availability, season, and demand.

Breakfast at the Hilton Garden inn is not complimentary but cooked to order.

So, if you are looking to save on your travels, the Hamptons Inn is perfect for you.

But if looking for more luxury and a fully serviced hotel, then the Hilton Garden Inn will be an ideal choice.

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Traveling as a family can be costly. Most families look at how they can save. The Hampton Inn is more Family friendly compared to the Hilton Garden inn.

Here is a breakdown of the facilities and packages that makes one more family-friendly than the other.

Hampton Inn

Hamptons by Hilton provides complimentary breakfast making it more affordable and family-friendly.
The complimentary breakfast is a massive win as many families will prefer staying at a hotel where they won’t have to incur more for breakfast,

Do not expect resort-type facilities here, though.

Many of their hotels in different locations also have pools which are very attractive to family setups.

Hilton Garden Inn

These hotels do not offer complimentary breakfast, which is a minus. The breakfast cost for an entire family can add up.

When comparing the two hotels, a family may prefer one where they won’t incur as much cost.

However, families may appreciate their Pavilion Pantry Market. This provides grab-and-go items and a microwave to cook them.

They also provide a fitness center, a restaurant, and a full-service bar. The restaurant offers local menus and has evening room services. Some of them also have pools.


The Hilton Garden inn hotels are full-service restaurants, while the Hampton Inn hotels offer restricted services.

You will likely find other things in one hotel and another when comparing the two.

Hamptons Inn

The Hampton Inn offers complimentary hot breakfast in all their United states hotels.

The Hamptons offer various dining options though they may be limited. The hotels also have a variety of dinner and lunch options such as buffet, prix-fixe menu, and a la carte.

Hilton Garden Inn

These hotels do not offer complimentary breakfast. Their breakfast is a cooked-to-order continental breakfast.

They also offer various dining options like a bar and lounge, a full-service restaurant, and 24-hour room service.

Their restaurants also have various options like Japanese, Chinese, and Italian restaurants, among others.

The Hilton Garden Inn provides various dinner and lunch choices like the Hampton inn. They include a prix -fixe menu, buffet, and a la carte.


Both hotels offer different rooms for their clients to choose from; what is different, though, is the sizing of the rooms.

Here is an in-depth scrutiny of rooms and what you should expect at each hotel.

Hamptons Inn

The Hamptons inn offers standard rooms, executive rooms, and suites.

The rooms are typically smaller than those in the Hilton Garden Inn.

They are also less lavish. Their suites, though, could be somehow larger with a sitting area. A one-bedroom suite will have a separate sitting area and a bedroom. The rooms rarely have a balcony.

Their main aim is to provide more budget-friendly accommodations for travelers. It is suitable for travelers looking for something simple and affordable.

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Hilton Garden Inn

Contrastingly, rooms at the Hilton Garden inn are more luxurious and spacious. They provide a more upscale experience.

They also provide a variety of room types to choose from Standard, executive, and Suites. The Furniture and amenities are also more upgraded compared to the Hampton inn hotels.

Pricewise a room at the Hilton Garden Inn is more pricey compared to one in the Hampton inn of the same level.

If looking for a more luxurious experience, then the Hilton Garden Inn hotel is a perfect choice.

Business Travel

Regarding business travel, both hotels provide ambient spaces for carrying on business functions.

Here is a comparison of what to expect to find in each.

Hampton Inn

The Hampton Inn hotel’s facilities are suitable for medium or small-sized events.

They do not have business centers, though. Clients who need to work from their rooms can comfortably do so. They provide complimentary Wi-Fi, and each room has a working desk and chair.

Hilton Garden Inn

Hilton Garden Inn properties are significant in terms of property size. A hotel can have between 150 to 250 rooms on average.

Therefore they are perfect for group bookings. Additionally, they have business meeting spaces and a business center.

Their rooms are also designed for productivity. Inside a room, you can expect to find a large desk and chair, complimentary Wi-fI, a coffee maker for guests working inside their room, and a single-serve pod.

With all these differences, you will only have to choose one of these two chains of hotels based on your personal preferences.
Both have their cons and pros but are still good hotels. It only depends on what you want to experience.

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