Hampton Inn Vs. Fairfield Inn: What’s The Difference?

Traveling can be fascinating and memorable sometimes when you have two of the top brands of hotels that stand out; Hampton Inn and Fairfield Inn.

Even though they share standard features, they have the interests of travelers seeking comfort and convenience. Some differences may make a clear distinction between these giants. Let us look into the differences that set this magnificent hotel apart.

Here’s the Main Difference Between Hampton Inn And Fairfield.

The main difference between these two brands is location; Hampton Inn hotels are mainly located within major towns, near airports, along major highways, and also within important business centers. Fairfield Inn hotels, on the other hand, are mainly situated in suburban areas.

Hampton Inn Vs. Fairfield Inn

Quick overview

CategoryHampton InnFairfield Inn
Target ClientsBusiness and leisure travelers.Value-conscious travelers.
AccommodationUpscale rooms with a sense of warmth and luxury.Practical and functional rooms at more affordable prices.
Unique Amenities24-hour business center, recreational pools, convenience shops and eateries.Fitness centers with various equipment, coffee bar in the lobby.
LocationMajor cities, highways, airports, and tourist attractions.Suburban areas, tourist attractions, and business districts.
PriceGenerally more expensive.More budget-friendly.
Food and BeverageComplimentary breakfasts, in-room coffee makers.Complimentary breakfast buffets.
Hampton Inn Vs. Fairfield Inn overview

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Hampton Inn premises are mainly located within major cities, highways, airports, and tourist attractions.

On the other hand, Fairfield Inn is found in suburban areas, tourist attractions, and business districts. It is easy to access public transportation or local attractions.

In some cases, you will find that both of these hospitality giants are located in close proximity to each other within the same city.

It will be your preference to choose which of the hotels you wish to spend your night at.

It is also important to note that the location of Hampton Inn and Fairfield can vary depending on the site.


Hamptons Inn and Fairfield Inn strive to provide customers with comfortable accommodations, but there are notable changes in room offerings.

Hampton Inn significantly emphasizes upscale experiences and well-furnished rooms that exude a sense of warmth and luxury. With Hampton Inn, you can access these spacious and tasteful rooms.

Another advantage of the Hampton Inn hotels is that they have additional features in the rooms, such as a flat-screen TV, an ergonomic workstation, and plush bedding.

Enjoying your favorite coffee in your fully furnished living area is possible with Hampton Inn hotels. The rooms are equipped with in-room coffee makers.

Here’s what a customer said about Hampton Inn on Tripadvisor;

In contrast, Fairfield Inn focuses on providing guests with practical and functional rooms at more affordable prices.

Fairfield Inn rooms are slightly smaller than those at Hampton Inn, but with the same rooms, you can still be comfortable and find it suitable to call home.

They feature contemporary design with clean lines and a simple aesthetic.

The clean rooms have modern amenities like free Wi-Fi access and flat-screen TVs. Catching up with your favorite movie or TV show won’t be a problem.

Fairfield Inn hotels also feature complimentary breakfast buffets, making them better for business travelers and those whose intentions are for leisure.

Amenities and Services

Both Hampton Inn and Fairfield Inn have the interests of their guests at heart; they both strive to provide both a memorable experience and a luxurious stay to their guests.

However, these hotels have some noticeable differences in their services and amenities.

For instance, Hampton Inn offers a range of amenities to its guests purposefully to enhance their comfort in any way possible.

A 24-hour business center is among the amenities you can access within Hampton Inn hotels, and you can work with any schedule of your choice, regardless of time.

Recreational pools are also available within the Hmpaton Inn premises; you might think of jumping into a cold swimming pool after a busy day. Hampton Inn makes it very easy for you.

Complimentary breakfasts are also served within all Hampton Inn outlets, with different menus depending on the location where you are spending your time.

Convenience shops and eateries are also available within the Hampton Inn hotel; you can find first foods such as snacks and other ready meals for grab-and-go.

Like Hampton Inn, expect to find fitness centers equipped with all kinds of machines and materials needed for your physical fitness at Fairfield Inn.

A review from a happy customer on Tripadvisor;

Types of equipment such as treadmills, deadlifts, and dumbbells are all available within the premises.

You might want to find yourself one day at the Fairfield Inn Hotel and enjoy the magical enjoyment of services and amenities.

In addition, you can also find a coffee bar in the lobby. Serving all types of coffee drinks such as cappuccino, espresso, black coffee, latte/iced latte, and many others.

It won’t be a re-great revisiting your favorite beverages and being served with the same experience.

In-room services are also available in Hampton Inn and Fairfield Inn hotels, serving the best services such as laundry and cleaning.

Fairfield Inn features free Wi-Fi, a working desk, and a flat-screen TV, making it possible for the guest to know what is happening outside the world they are in.

Both Hampton Inn and Fairfield Inn offer front desk services available 24/7, so you can get answers to any burning questions or information about the local area.

Type of Hotel

The Hampton Inn Hotel is designed to provide comfortable accommodations for both business and leisure travelers.

This type of hotel also focuses on providing a relaxed and casual atmosphere with a strong emphasis on convenience. Without losing the ambiance of the place and the guests, they have extra amenities and decorations.

The Hampton Inn aims to provide its guests with friendly customer service in a warm and welcoming environment.

On the other hand, Fairfield Inn is designed to provide its services to value-conscious individuals or travelers. If you are budget-oriented and care much about value, then Fairfield Inn is the place to stop.

Fairfield Inn rooms offer a more practical and functional stay, with major amenities to ensure a comfortable stay.

However, the rooms offered might be smaller than those at Hampton Inn, but you can still have the comfort of your bed at home.

Fairfield Inn focuses on providing reliable and convenient services to its guests to ensure a comfortable stay during their trip.


Hampton Inn and Fairfield Inn have unique aesthetics that set them apart from each other.

For instance, Hampton Inn follows modern aesthetics incorporating comfort and stylish ambiance.

The rooms’ interior design has a warm color palette, modern furniture, and an elegant decorative touch.

Making the room very attractive and eye-catching.

Common areas such as the lobby and dining, which sometimes involve sharing spaces, are designed with a welcoming and cozy atmosphere.

The Fairfield Inn adopts a modern, vivid design aesthetic that prioritizes simplicity and usability.

The Fairfield Inn interior features bright and intense colors, clean lines, and noticeable layouts. Using natural light increases the overall ambiance and creates a welcoming experience.

With Fairfield Inn hotels, you have the opportunity to enjoy both modern and casual services.

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