Holiday Inn Vs Crowne Plaza: What’s The Difference?

Choosing the ideal accommodation for your next trip can be daunting, keeping in mind that there are two excellent hotel brands: Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza hotels. These hotels offer guests a unique and wide range of accommodation services and amenities.

What factors set these top-brand hotels apart? Before delving into what makes these hotels prominent, let us examine the main differences between Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza.

Here’s the Difference Between The Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza

The main difference between Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza is the geographical location of their properties. Both of these hotel brands have various locations globally. However, Holiday Inn properties will likely be found in popular tourist attractions and suburban areas. In comparison, Crowne Plaza hotels are typically found in major cities and business districts.

Holiday Inn Vs Crowne Plaza

Quick overview

CategoryHoliday InnCrowne Plaza
Target ClientsLeisure and business travelers, families.Business travelers, located near corporate offices and convention centers.
AccommodationStandard rooms, spacious accommodations with separate living and sleeping rooms.Various room types, including basic rooms, suites, and executive rooms.
Unique AmenitiesAt least one restaurant and bar, parking with 24-hour security.Upscale and luxurious rooms, extensive dining options, executive lounges.
LocationMajor cities, business centers, airports, and major highways.Central city centers, resorts, coastal towns, and near major airports.
PriceGenerally more affordable.More expensive due to luxurious establishment and enhanced amenities.
Food and BeverageLimited dining options.Wide range of dining options from restaurants and casual eateries.
Holiday Inn Vs Crowne Plaza overview

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The availability and accessibility of the hotel are paramount when selecting a place to spend the night during a trip.

Holiday Inn hotels are located near major cities, business centers, airports, and major highways, providing travelers with an easy way to access them. They cater to leisure and business travelers.

Another advantage of a Holiday Inn hotel is that you can give yourself an evening walk and still access your hotel room without worrying about the distance.

When more than one person is traveling or on a family trip, the Holiday Inn is the way to go. The hotel aims to accommodate a wider audience, including families and tourists.

On the other hand, Crowne Plaza is usually located within the central city centers, resorts, coastal towns, and, lastly, near major airports.

The hotel caters to business travelers, offering services to corporate offices and convention centers.

Since some of the Crowne Plaza hotels are found within major coastal towns, you can experience breathtaking views, access to the beach, and a relaxing ambiance.

With the Crowne Plaza Hotel, you can also indulge in outdoor activities such as surfing, snorkeling, or boating.

Amenities and Facilities

Amenities and facilities contribute to the overall guest experience, even though Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza hotels have some similar services they offer.

There are differences in the quality of amenities and facilities they offer that can be noted.

Regarding accommodation, Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza hotels strive to provide guests with comfortable and quality rooms.

With Holiday Inn, you have to experience limited services concerning dining options; they have at least one restaurant and bars.

Here’s what a customer had to say on Tripadvisor;

But you can still serve all your favorite drinks to the meal.

At Holiday Inn, you don’t have to worry about where to park your car; they provide humble parking with 24-hour security.

However, Crowne Plaza hotels offer standard services compared to Holiday Inn hotels. Crowne Plaza offers upscale and more luxurious rooms. You should spend your night at one of the Crowne outlets and experience the comfort of its own.

Crowne Plaza, on the hand, may have all the necessary dining services to make your stay brighter and more relaxed.

Look, you can choose your favorite meal from the restaurant and casual eateries within the hotel serving your salads and pasta to premium steaks.

Physical fitness and recreation are among the services you will enjoy when visiting either hotel. You can maintain your fitness routine away from home.

Crowne Plaza Hotels provide a more extensive gym area for its guests; whenever the temperatures rise, you can unwind from the adjacent pool area.

A 24-hour coffee shop serves fresh meals at any hour of the day or night; you can have coffee drinks such as cappuccino and espresso. Also, you can take your meal from the comfortable seats or grab and go.

Lastly, consider yourself lucky if you happened to stay at Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza hotels during your business trip. Crowne Plaza Hotel caters to business travelers with a wide range of services, from executive lounges, business centers to meeting areas.

Room Type

Holiday Inn offers standard rooms, spacious accommodations with separate living and sleeping rooms for a comfortable stay during your trip.

With Holiday Inn, you can enjoy housekeeping and laundry services on a daily and full-time basis. You only have to mind how you spend your time and developing thy self.

Additionally, the accommodations provide free Wi-Fi, making it easy to carry out your remote task and connect with the outside world.

Holiday Inn rooms also feature a flat-screen TV where you can catch up with your favorite TV shows; they are also equipped with comfortable working desks.

In contrast, the Crowne Plaza Hotel frequently provides various room types, including basic rooms, suites, and executive rooms.

Executive rooms have more in-depth features and provide business travelers with upscale amenities, such as executive lounges and more explicit services.

this is what a customer had to say on TripAdvisor about Crown Plaza;

The furnishings of the hotels are modern and sleek-like, thus bringing the ambiance of a home away from home; additional features such as jacuzzis and kitchenettes in Crowne Plaza hotel rooms add more elegance and a comfortable stay.

Another advantage of the Crowne Plaza Hotel is its in-room services like dining and laundry.

Design and Ambience

Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza hotels prioritize creating a comfortable and visually appealing environment for their guests. However, the ambiance and design are created to serve different guest preferences.

If you want a more sophisticated and modern design with stylish decor, then the Crowne Plaza Hotel is your next stop. The Crowned Hotel aims to give its guests a more luxurious and appealing atmosphere.

On the other hand, Holiday Inn hotels embraced contemporary and casual designs, focusing on creating an inviting environment for their guests.

The environment is daily friendly and hence very suitable for family hangouts and stays.


While both hotel brands strive to offer quality services and accommodations, there are notable differences in their pricing structures.

With Holiday Inn, you can have a comfortable and luxurious stay without breaking the bank. This is because they have affordable prices compared to Crowne Plaza.

However, if you are budget-oriented, Holiday Inn offers you the best and most luxurious stay worth taking.

The Crowne Plaza Hotel is more expensive than the Holiday Inn because of its luxurious establishment and enhanced amenities.

Crowne Plaza Hotel rates are higher, reflecting the hotel’s quality of services.

Therefore, for a sophisticated stay and luxurious moments, the Crowne Plaza Hotel paves the way for you to enjoy this while going deep into your pocket.


Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza Hotels carry with them the unique and different aesthetics that set them apart from each other.

For instance, Holiday Inn often embraces modern and contemporary aesthetics with a simple, warm palette of colors and a clean line, all to bring out functionality and comfort among the guests.

The lobby in Holiday Inn hotels is more spacious and well organized, featuring stylish modern decor. The lobby is also decorated with natural light and soft lighting, all to create a relaxed and pleasant ambiance.

In contrast, the Crowne Plaza Hotel exudes a more worldly and high-end aesthetic with attention to detail. The use of rich color palettes and upscale artwork enhances the luxury further.

The lobby design at Crowne Plaza Hotels is very attractive and impressive; it exudes elegance and creates a sense of luxury and a feeling of home.

There is added luxury on the lobby floors, which incorporate modern materials such as marble and polished wood. You might wish to lie on the floor for the day.

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