Holiday Inn vs Premier Inn: What’s the Difference?

Selecting the perfect hotel for your trip can be a difficult task. To ensure comfortable and enjoyable moments, Holiday Inn and Premier Inn often come to mind.

Both hotels offer unique services and a range of amenities, so they have been accorded standards of their caliber worldwide.

However, in this article, we will delve into the key differences between the two, which can help you decide which hotel you wish to spend your night at.

Here’s the key difference between Holiday Inn and Premier Inn

One of the major differences between the two brands of hotels is their geographical location. Holiday Inn Hotel is located in major cities and suburban areas, while Premier has a strong domestic presence within the United Kingdom. However, it has developed its brand in Ireland, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates.

Quick overview

CategoryHoliday InnPremier Inn
LocationOver 1100 locations globally, near tourist attractions, business centers, and airports.Strong presence in the UK, near business centers, airports, and major roads.
AmenitiesFree Wi-Fi, fitness centers, swimming pools, minibars in rooms.Free Wi-Fi, tea/coffee, and TV in each room.
Room TypesOffers standard rooms, executive rooms, and suites.Offers standard rooms and family rooms.
PricesGenerally more expensive due to wider amenities.More budget-friendly.
AestheticsSleek and stylish elements with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.Designed for comfort and functionality.
Target AudienceAll classes, with a focus on business travelers.Focus on comfort and simplicity, more affordable.
Loyalty ProgramsOperates in the IHG Rewards Club.Operates on the Premier Inn Rewards program.
Holiday Inn vs Premier Inn overview

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The location of both Holiday Inn and Premier Inn is very significant when selecting where to spend your next trip and a place to call home.

Holiday Inn hotels are one of the major hotel brands known to many worldwide, operating over 1100 locations globally.

The hotel is mostly located near popular tourist attractions in major cities and downtown areas, making it very easy to access many city services.

Holiday Inn hotels are also located within major business centers, so with some walking distance, you are there. This is very important for those whose travel intentions are business oriented.

Another important factor is that Holiday Inn hotels are situated near airports, providing convenience when you need transportation hubs.

The Premier Inn hotel, on the other hand, brings its elegance and services to natives of the United Kingdom.

It is mainly located within the country’s major cities and also in the major business centers, near airports, and along the major roads.

Premier Inn hotels are also located in urban and suburban areas. While they have a presence in the cities, they also aim to provide services to suburban locations near residential areas.

If you are a leisure or business traveler seeking a quieter place outside the city, then the Premier Inn Hotel is best for you.

Services and Amenities

Holiday Inn and Premier Inn are popular hotels around the world, offering comfortable accommodations and services.

While there are many similarities between them, there are also differences in the services and amenities they provide. Below are comparisons of the services and amenities offered at the Holiday Inn and Premier Inn hotels.

First, with free WI-FI available in both hotels, you can connect with the outside world while enjoying yourself on your travel adventures.

Also, if you are a fan of health and wellness, Holiday Inn will give you the best.

The hotel has fitness centers and a gym, including treadmills, stationary bicycles, etc. Premier Inn hotels, on the other hand, do not have fitness centers.

Another feature that makes Holiday Inn unique is the addition of services such as a swimming pool. Holiday Inn allows you to access your favorite drinks from in-room amenities like minibars easily.

Premier Inn, on the other hand, strives to provide comfort and basic amenities such as tea/coffee, cappuccino, and TV in each room.

Holiday Inn is also a palace of tranquility, as it provides humble spaces for business meetings and conferences.

The Premier Inn Hotel may not have conference and meeting centers but it offers comfortable accommodation services.

Room Types

Room types can also be a determinant of comfort and enjoyment. Let’s see what Holiday Inn and Premier Inn hotels have to offer.

Holiday Inn offers standard rooms that provide comfortable and enjoyable moments during your stay. The rooms feature a comfortable bed, a television, and a private bathroom.

Each room also features free WI-FI where you can access the internet, making work easy and comfortable. A working desk is also available in the rooms.

If standards are your medicine and you want extra comfort, then the Holiday Inn will offer you executive rooms. These rooms have extra amenities like larger desks, seating areas, upgraded bathrooms, and enhanced in-room services.

Executive rooms are more luxurious and offer comfortable stays compared to standard rooms.

Holiday Inn also has suites, which provide more spacious and separate rooms for travelers.

You can enjoy your privacy and relaxing rooms with holiday inn suites.

These suites have more premium amenities, sometimes including a kitchenette or dining hall.

Premier Inn, on the other hand, also offers standard rooms, which feature a comfortable bed, a bathroom, a flat-screen TV, and hot drinks to begin your day. The Premier Inn standard rooms mainly focus on simplicity and functionality.

A family trip can also be successful with Premier Inn hotels, as they provide family rooms.

Premier Inn hotel is family-friendly and accommodative, and the rooms are spacious and equipped with twin beds and sofa beds.


Comparing the prices of both Holiday Inn and Premier Inn is worth considering despite both exhibiting standard qualities.

With the scope of wider amenities, Holiday Inn poses to be more expensive compared to Premier Inn hotels offering lower prices.

Premier Inn is more budget-friendly if you don’t intend to travel without spending much money.

The hotel’s location impacts the hotel’s prices; both Holiday Inn and Premier Inn have their premises in urban areas; however, their prices will differ with demand and cost of operation.

Often comfort comes with more expenses; you need to dig deep into your pocket to access quality amenities. You can get all the luxury services with Holiday Inn Hotel.


Regarding aesthetics, Holiday Inn and Premier Inn have distinct characteristics that bring them all to a standstill. Their ambiance is worth experiencing.

Holiday Inn hotel combines sleek and stylish elements with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The furnishings of the Holiday Inn hotel are modern, featuring lines and modern materials that are unique and appealing to travelers.

In contrast, Premier Inn hotels are designed purposefully for comfort and functionality.

Holiday Inn pays attention to the lighting; thoughtful lights surround all the hotel premises, from guest rooms to common areas and corridors. This creates a more cozy and relaxing environment.

The nature of the decor and artwork are also present in the holiday inn hotel bringing out the aesthetic appeal of the local culture and themes, including sculptures, paintings, etc.

Whether you are a fan of modern aesthetics or simply comfort and functionality, both Holiday Inn and Premier Inn hotels have everything you need for an imaginable stay.

Target Audience

The Holiday Inn hotel targets clients of all classes, offering full services from amenities to royal rewards to esteemed customers.

However, Holiday Inn makes it best for travelers who are business minded; the hotel provides business centers. You can get all services concerning business meetings at the Holiday Inn hotel.

Premier Inn Hotel offers limited services, with the main focus on the comfort and simplicity of the stay.

The Premier Inn Hotel is best for you when you seek a cheaper and more affordable place to stay.

Loyalty Programs

Holiday Inn hotels have ways to entice their customers through rewards; the hotel operates in the IHG Rewards Club. You can earn points for your stay, redeemed for free nights, airline tickets, and other rewards.

On the other hand, Premier Inn hotels operate on the Premier Inn Rewards program, the same way that Holiday Inn members can earn points redeemed for free nights.

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