Springhill Suites vs Hampton Inn: What’s The Difference?

Are you planning your next trip and torn between two excellent hotels, Springhill Suites, and Hampton Inn? Selecting the perfect one will significantly determine your travel experience, especially from the accommodation services and room types to the amenities.

This article will examine the differences that set Springhill Suites and Hampton Inn apart. Giving you an insight into which hotel best suits your travel needs and expectations. So without further ado, let us explore these popular hotel brands.

Here’s the Main difference between Springhill Suites and Hampton Inn

The main difference between these prestigious hotel chains lies in their locations. Apparently, Springhill Suites premises are majorly located within robust urban and suburban centers. Making them convenient for accessing major amenities within the cities. On the other hand, Hampton Inn is located within urban centers, airports, tourist attraction sites, and along transportation networks.

Springhill Suites vs Hampton Inn

Quick comparison overview

AspectSpringhill SuitesHampton Inn
LocationUrban and suburban centersUrban centers, airports, tourist sites
AmenitiesSpacious suites, pool, gym, free Wi-FiBreakfast, rooms, gym, pools, Wi-Fi, business centers
Room TypesSeparate living area and bedroomStandard rooms with modern amenities
AestheticsModern and contemporary stylingWarm color palette, modern furniture
PricesMid-rangeMid to high-range
Target AudienceTravelers needing city amenitiesBusiness travelers, families, luxury seekers
Springhill Suites vs Hampton Inn overview

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SpringHill Suite’s location focuses mainly on urban and suburban areas, mostly in the city’s central business hubs. This ensures easy access to offices, shopping centers, and popular tourist and entertainment venues.

The hotel is ideal for travelers who need easy access to major amenities within the cities as well as access to corporate offices.

On the other hand, Hampton Inn is strategically located in different destinations, including urban and major business centers, highways, and airports.

You will also find Hampton Inn premises near tourist attractions, making them ideal for travelers who need easy access to means of transportation.

Amenities and Services

Both SpringHill Suites and Hampton Inn offer excellent amenities to their guests, but some slightly notable differences set them apart.

SpringHill Suites offers more spacious suites fully equipped with all the amenities.

The rooms are designed to offer privacy, providing a separate living area and a bedroom. Through this, guests can enjoy their privacy and be productive in the best way possible.

The hotel also offers a sparkling indoor swimming pool area where you can dip yourself after a morning or evening exercise routine in the gym center available at the facility.

EXCELLENT experience. Extremely friendly staff -Especially the breakfast staff person who went out of her way to be sure her guests were taken care of. Front desk staff were very accommodating and professional as well as friendly.
Clean spacious room with comfortable bed.

A happy customer review of Springhill Suites on Tripadvisor.

With Springhill Suites, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi connected to each room at the facility. You can easily browse and conduct your small tasks in the comfort of your bed or living area.

Meanwhile, Hampton Inn presents itself as a hotel with a wide range of amenities to enhance the comfort of its guests. These amenities include a complimentary hot breakfast and spacious rooms for families and individual travelers.

At the Hampton Inn Hotel, your exercise routine is remembered, as the fitness center and gym are provided for free. Immersing yourself in the hot and cold swimming pools is also guaranteed.

With Hampton Inn, you can enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity 24/7, allowing you to run down your daily tasks and make friends with the outside world while enjoying at your trip.

Hampton Inn features business centers working 24 hours a day, providing express check-in and check-out. You can shop and handle any business-related work conveniently.

The hotel has restaurants, bars, lounges, and dining options, serving all the meals and drinks such as cappuccino, tequila, etc.

Another important facility the Hampton Inn offers is business meeting rooms. Business travelers can enjoy holding their meetings at the Hampton Inn premises.

Room Types

Springhill Suites and Hampton Inn strive to provide outstanding accommodations and create memorable memories at the hotel.

Even though they offer excellent service, several distinct characteristics can be noted between the two hotels.

SpringHill Suites offers spacious rooms for families, business travelers, and even leisure travelers. Despite the rooms being spacious, comfort and luxury are maintained.

The room is designed to have a separate bedroom and living area, offering privacy during family trips. If you want to splurge, the Springhill Suites are top-notch.

The kitchenette of the SpringHill Suites is equipped with a mini-fridge, microwave, and coffee maker.

However, the SpringHill Suites aims to provide a comfortable and functional environment for guests, especially those seeking a temporary stay.

In contrast, Hampton Inn offers more standard and well-appointed rooms. The room contains modern amenities and types of furniture.

The rooms have also been equipped with free Wi-Fi and a working desk; you can remotely show mercy to your work and connect with the outside world.

Great hotel in Goldsboro. Came on a Friday night for a wedding and this place was perfect. Delicious breakfast, comfortable beds and clean rooms. Really enjoyed the chair and the big television. Room was a tad bit on the high side as far as price compared to some other rooms in the area but it was worth it knowing you were in a good hotel with everything you want/need

A review of Hamptoin Inn by a happy customer on Tripadvisor.

The rooms are also equipped with flat TV screens.

Enjoying your favorite coffee in your fully furnished living area is possible at Hampton Inn hotels.

The rooms are equipped with in-room coffee makers. In addition, Hampton Inn rooms have separate living and bedroom areas.


Springhill Suites and Hampton Inn have distinct ways of decorating their premises to capture the hearts of different guests.

Springhill Suites takes pride in the modern and contemporary styling of its properties. Vibrant colors, clean lines, and sleek furnishings always characterize the overall look of the hotels.

The design of this hotel aims to create a fresh and cozy environment. At the same time, the lobby areas are designed with stylish furniture and artistic styles throughout the hotel.

The colors used in the overall design of Springhill Suites are very vibrant and incorporate bold accents to create a lively ambiance.

The hotel’s design is appealing, especially to guests who need a contemporary look.

On the other hand, Hampton Inn follows modern aesthetics that incorporate comfort and a stylish ambiance.

The rooms’ interior design has a warm color palette, modern furniture, and an elegant decorative touch. It makes the room very attractive and eye-catching.

Common areas such as the lobby and dining, which sometimes involve sharing spaces, are designed with a welcoming and sophisticated nature.

Ultimately, the aesthetics of Springhill Suites and Holiday Inn hotels contribute to the overall ambiance experience, allowing you to select a brand that aligns with your personal preferences and desired atmosphere.


Budget is paramount when planning any trip; Springhill Suites and Hampton Inn offer very competitive prices to their guests.

Springhill Suites hotels fall under mid-range prices offering friendly and affordable prices and making them very convenient for those guests who want a simple stay and comfort.

On the other hand, with the Hampton Inn Hotel, you must dig deep into your pocket to experience the comfort and luxury you want, compared to Springhill Suites.

But Hampton Inn also has other options for visitors, as they offer mid-range to high-range prices for guests.

The room rates at Hampton Inn are typically expensive because of the extensive amenities and services offered.

Springhill Suites and the Hampton Inn are great places to call home during your trip. Your stay will depend on your preference; you can choose one to call home.

Target Audience

Springhill Suites caters to travelers who seek convenient access to major amenities in urban centers and corporate offices.

On the other hand, Hampton Inn targets a broader range of guests, including business travelers, families, and individuals looking for comfort, luxury, and a wide range of amenities.

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