Do Tevas Sandals Run Big Or Small – A Beginners Guide (Solved)

Are you one of the people that love sandals and gets confused about what size to get when going shoe shopping? If you are trying Teva sandals for the first time, expect to experience perplexion at the shoe store.

Selecting the appropriate shoe size when purchasing Teva sandals for yourself or when gifting the sandals to someone special can be daunting. Learn more about how to make the process easy.

Here’s if Tevas run big or small

Teva shoes run big when buying them at a shoe shop, whether at a physical or online store. Teva may run a bit large because they design their shoes to fit all types of feet. It does not matter if you have a wide foot or it is narrow; they have something for you.


How should your Tevas fit?

When it is your first time getting Teva shoes, the normal shoe size you wear may be a bit large.

Below is what you should do to ensure that you will take home sandals with the right size that fits you and avoid the disappointment of getting an oversized one.

Round down the shoe size to a smaller one

Unlike most shoe brands like Adidas and Puma, which have their shoes generally true to size, Teva sandals may fail to fit you even if you are sure of the size you wear.

In case it happens, you may think that you have outgrown your foot, while in the real sense, your size is still the same.

Teva uses a velcro fastening technology in their shoes to fit you if you have a slim foot or a plump one.

Therefore, you should use the math skills you learned back in elementary school of rounding off figures.

If the sandal is a bit large for you, rounding it down to a smaller shoe size will save you an inconvenience you did not expect.

Try them out in the store.

Shopping online has become a new trend because of convenience and many other advantages.

Sometimes, the old-school way of doing things will save you a lot.

If you are unsure of what size to go with as you buy Teva sandals, dodge shopping on their website and head over to the mall or store in the street you can find.

By going to the store, you will be able to test the sandals with permission from the shop attendants to know whether the size is big for you or fits you perfectly.

You will be assured that the sandals you are picking are the right ones. Physical shopping is better than buying Tevas sight unseen.

Furthermore, you may change to a different style of sandals if you don’t love the Tevas you initially went for since stores have fully-loaded shelves.

Get professional help

As a first-timer, you can experience problems determining what shoe type and size is right for you at a fair cost.

If issues arise, you can seek assistance from professionals who understand shoes extensively.

For instance, you can ask them to help you determine what shoe size your feet are or your child’s since it can be tricky to know.

Also, shoe experts will give you the right advice on Teva sandals.

Tevas sandals fitting sizes

This table will assist you in understanding to know the size to fit you when you shop the sandals.

Men’s Sizes


Women’s Sizes


Children’s Sizes


Do tevas come in half sizes?

Teva shoes and sandals come down in half sizes. The fittings are appropriate for men and women. You will find them in half sizes to fit if your feet are wide or narrow. For instance, if your shoe size is 9, rounding down to 8.5 is appropriate since you will find your perfect size.

Are Tevas a good choice for wide feet?

Teva sandals have been designed to fit people with all types of feet. So, yes. People with wide feet do not need to worry if the sandals will fail to meet their needs. The straps and sole are made of comfortable material that will not stress you when trekking, doing outdoor fun, or walking along the streets.

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Teva sandals are comfortable when you wear them anywhere, any time, and in season. If you are choosing a size to fit you well, use the tips above to help you if you have challenges.