Homewood Suites vs Doubletree – What Are The Differences?

While shopping for accommodation, one thing that always guides the search is the purpose of the journey. Are you need a business-style hotel or a resort feel type of hotel?

Given that Homewood Suites and DoubleTree are both hotel brands owned by Hilton Worldwide, this article looks into their differences in terms of their target audience and the amenities offered.

Here are the differences between Homewood Suites and Doubletree

Homewood Suites are designed to cater to travelers looking for extended stay accommodation or a home-like atmosphere. DoubleTree, on the other hand, is designed to cater to leisure and business travelers looking for a comfortable but convenient stay.

5 Major Differences Between Homewood Suites and DoubleTree

Homewood brands of hotels usually have great customer care unless, of course, you run into an unfortunate situation.

And their rooms, again, are usually very clean and tidy, which everyone on the road looks forward to at the end of an eventful day.

Homewood and DoubleTree, in their similarity, are a part of the Hilton Honors loyalty program, which allows guests to earn and redeem points for free nights, upgrades, and other benefits.

But each Hilton brand is quite different from the rest and carries a statement that always precedes it.

Homewood Suites, for example, are well known for their outstanding long-stay accommodations. At the same time, Double Tree Hotels are famous for their warm chocolate chip cookies that are offered to guests upon arrival.

Below is a table listing general services and amenities each hotel accords its guests.

Homewood SuitesDoubletree
Room LayoutLarge rooms that have separate living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens.Large rooms that have separate living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.
Style and MoodLong or extended stay based on a home-like environment.A business-oriented environment for leisure and business travelers.
BreakfastFree “buffet” breakfastThe room does not come with free breakfast.
PricesMore expensiveLess expensive

Homewood Suites vs Doubletree – What Are The Differences?

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Room Layout

On most occasions, the hotel’s type of rooms says a lot about its services and target clients.

Homewood Suites, for example, are typically larger than standard hotel rooms, and they come equipped with a full kitchen, living room, and separate sleeping areas.

Their sleeping areas could be a studio, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom to accommodate different families or large groups traveling together.

And because these rooms are typically more spacious and well-appointed, it goes without saying that Homewood Suites are geared towards larger groups of travelers who are looking for extended stay accommodations.

DoubleTree hotels, on the hand, offer a range of guest room options.

These include standard hotel rooms, suites, and executive rooms. The rooms have amenities such as a flat-screen TV, mini-fridge, coffee maker, and WiFi.

Some properties offer amenities like balconies, separate living areas, and kitchens.

In their room layout and amenities, DoubleTree hotels are designed to cater to both leisure and business travelers who stay a night or a few days.

Hotel Amenities

Home-like atmospheres are rooms with family-shared amenities that create the mood and encompass adults and children.

Large rooms are enough for several people to spread out and relax, HD TV, WiFi, family-friendly decor, laundry machine, and large bathrooms, etc.

But above all else, a fully equipped kitchen caters to tummy needs.

Alongside their fully equipped kitchens, Homewood Suites offer dining utilities and a 24-hour business center for guests to shop for all their needs.

They also have fitness centers where guests can sweat it out as they would at home and sports courts to practice or play a game you enjoy.

DoubleTree also offers a variety of on-site amenities, such as restaurants, fitness centers, a swimming pool, and meeting and event spaces.

Some properties also offer spa services, golf courses, and on-site shopping. They even have a bar and lounge where guests can enjoy a drink.

The on-site restaurants cater for meals because their rooms are not equipped with equipped kitchens, which means guests can either eat at their restaurants or sample other nearby amenities.

At their on-site restaurants, though, Double Tree hotels offer a range of cuisine options, from casual to fine dining, while room service is available at most locations.

Meetings and Events Spaces

Being a hotel that caters to travelers on leisure or business trips, DoubleTree hotels offer meeting and event spaces.

That is because most of its clients and guests usually need these spaces.

These conference facilities accommodate group sizes ranging from small business meetings to large conferences and social events such as weddings and birthdays.

In some of their properties, you will find that because of the demand for these services, the DoubleTree management has dedicated event staff and organizers to help plan and execute the event.

Some of these events are marketing strategies that place DoubleTree properties above the competition.

Homewood Suites, on their part, have conference amenities but cannot pride themselves on the same as DoubleTree because the needs of their clients are different.

Location and Prices

Homewood Suites, like DoubleTree hotels, are located in various cities and destinations worldwide.

That includes urban centers, resort areas, and airport locations.

Given their home-like environments, Homewood Suites offer more private environments and amenities that are only meant for their guests.

That is why they are located in more private environments, or their security is tight in locations with so many people.

On the other hand, DoubleTree caters to guests and revelers that come in for certain services and then leave.

Just like their on-site restaurants and bars, guests and strangers alike can freely mingle, indulge in food and drink, and pay from their pockets.

That is why their properties are perfect for guests or revelers who still want to party away when the rest of the world retires for the night.

Homewood Guests pay for rooms that compound hotel amenities, indoor or outdoor, and free breakfast.

For this reason, their prices are much higher than DoubleTree’s because, at DoubleTree, guests only pay for the rooms and determine whether they need other services.

But prices and amenities go hand in hand.

Free Parking

Because most Homewood Suites guests are extended-stay travelers, it goes after the hotel to ensure that their properties, whether house or vehicles are safe.

For this reason, you will find that their parking space is free.

However, Loyal Homewood Suites guests have no qualms about this, as some travelers will find paid parking a deal breaker.

Probably because their other services suffice and override that.

Double Tree is a business-oriented hotel that receives clients who come and go all day, so their parking is free.

No need to charge parking when the clients will be there for a couple of hours at most.

This is a business strategy to beat the competition and win more clients.

Final Thoughts

Homewood Suites and DoubleTree Hotel, while they belong to the same brand, cannot be rated on the same level.

Each caters to a different kind of traveler, with Homewood Suites being the number choice for families on the road or those moving houses and needing temporary housing until their situation is sorted out.

DoubleTree hotels cater to travelers needing brief, comfortable, and convenient accommodations, whether for leisure or business travelers.

All said and done, the amenities a hotel has or the prices they charge all boil down to the style and mood of the hotel against their preferences.

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