How To Be Removed From Do Not Rent List – 3 Ways To Fix It

Has a company ever mistreated you, and you decide that you will subsequently cut ties with them? Well, guess what? That can work both ways.

Companies can also refuse to offer services because you got on the wrong side. This article will explain a DNR list and how you can be removed from one.

Here’s how to be removed from the Do Not Rent list (DNR)

To be removed from a do not rent list, contact the company’s customer service desk, which will connect you to the manager. You can ask the manager to reconsider removing you from the do not rent list. Before calling, resolve any outstanding fees and explain yourself to the manager.


What is Do Not Rent List?

A do not rent list is a list that outlines customers that can cause the company a loss. Most rental car companies maintain a do not rent list because maybe the customer damaged the car.

Even if insurance covers the damage, it will only cover the risk to a certain extent.

If your name appears on a do not rent a list, you can no longer rent a vehicle at all car rental companies.

When you rent a car, car rental company employees cross-check your name on the DNR list and cannot rent you a car if you are on the list.

Most rental car corporations own a car rental chain, i.e., many car rental companies are subsidiaries of the same corporation.

So if one car rental company puts you under the do not rent a list, you can not rent a car from any of its sister companies. If you frequently rent cars, try and avoid being on the DNR list.

A company may blacklist you if you fail to honor the lease agreement, cause damage to the vehicle or engage in unethical activities.

3 ways to be removed from the do not rent list

You can be removed from a do not rent list in three ways. However, sometimes the company might refuse to remove you from their do not rent list if they deem you a severe risk to their operations.

That said, here are three ways to be removed from the DNR list.

1. Call the company

The first way you can get off a do not rent a list is by directly contacting the company through their respective channels. You can call the do not rent department or the customer care desk.

The agent will help you reach the manager to whom you can explain your situation.

Have your driving license so the agent can verify you are on the list. The manager might refuse to reconsider your case if you have more than one offense in your driving history.

If you are put on a DNR list due to unpaid fees, ensure you clear every outstanding balance before making the call. Once you call the manager, request them to reexamine your case, and if they do, you can have your name removed from the DNR list.

The major rental car companies have various channels you can reach them by. For example, Avis Rent A Car, you can call their customer service number.

2. Send a letter

The second way is by sending a letter to the car rental company. You should write in detail that you have repaid their debt.

If it is anything else apart from debt, you can state that you understand it was a mistake and will not repeat it.

The company might reconsider and remove you from the unpaid debt and chargebacks list.

3. Go to court

The third way is by going to court. Sometimes you may find yourself on a DNR list without knowing what you did.

When you try to contact the company, they are dismissive and do not give you a way forward. You can go to court and sue the company in such a case.

The court summons the company, and if their reason is valid under law, you cannot be removed from the DNR list.

However, if you are mistakenly placed on the list, the court asks the company to remove you from the list.

If the company refuses to remove you from the DNR list, your only option is to look for another car rental company not under the same corporation as the one that blacklisted you.

Why do you end up on the do not rent list?

You might end up on a do not rent list for several reasons. They include:

Aggressive behavior

If you threaten the company’s staff when renting a car, your name might end on a DNR list.

Falsified documents

If you use a fake ID or driving license, the company has a reason to blacklist you. This is because they cannot trust you with their property.

Engaging in illegal activity

If the company finds out you committed a crime using their vehicle, they add your name to the DNR list.

Driving under influence

In any state, you are not allowed to drive when on any drugs. So if you are caught, you risk being blacklisted by all car rental companies.

Off-road driving

When renting a car, you are given a list of rules. One of them is to drive only on good roads. So if you violate this and go off-road, you may end up on the DNR list.

Unauthorized driver

You may let a friend or someone else drive the rented car, but it is illegal under the car rental agreement. Only the authorized driver should drive the rental cars because you will be on the DNR list if your friend damages the vehicle.

Geographical restrictions

If you are in the US, most rental cars are restricted to states within the US. So, if you drive off to Mexico, the rental company can blacklist you. Read your agreement first.

Default on payments

On the lease, the car company gives you a specified date on which you are supposed to honor the contract and pay the company.

If you refuse to pay, the company has a right to blacklist you. Also, if you get a ticket when driving the rental car, ensure you clear the ticket or end up on the DNR list.


If you have committed fraud, such as pretending to be in an accident so that you can receive an insurance claim, you will be blacklisted.

Generally, if you do not want to end up on a DNR list, ensure you follow all the companies’ rules and honor the lease contract.

How long do you stay on the do not rent list?

Generally, you can stay on the do not rent list for as long as the dispute is not resolved.

For example, a car rental company can keep you on their list forever. In light of this, the rental company no longer asks you to pay the debt but can not lend you a car.

You can re-appeal for the company to reexamine your case and hope that that gets you off the list.

Can I use another car rental company?

Absolutely, you can use other rental car companies to rent a car; there are several rental car hires at your disposal. Some of the well-known names include Hertz, Enterprise, and Avis.

These companies boast different arrays of choices catering to different clients with diverse budget preferences.

For instance, Hertz company provides different car selections with advantages such as GoldPlus Rewards; you can use the garnered point to make a reservation for your business trip or vacation.

On the other hand, Enterprise car hire is famous for its flexible rental policies and wide connectivity. Avis car rental company is recommended for its user-friendly reservation process.

However, being on one company’s do not rent (DNR) list does not prevent you from hiring a car from different providers. Before making any reservation, you should inquire about your eligibility and how you meet that car rental company’s requirements.

You should remember that different car rental companies have their own set of policies and regulations; read them carefully before making any entries.

How do I find out if I am on a do not rent list?

Learning if you are on a do not rent list is very easy; normally car rental company may contact you and inform you of your status.

But also you can take the initiative into your hands by contacting customer service. If you suspect that you are on a, do not rent list. You can provide your personal information, such as driver’s license or other identification details to the customer service.

Inquire about the reasons for listing: late returns, damages to the vehicle, or breach of terms. Understand the reason provided, cultivate the resolution process, discuss the resolution steps with the company, appeal the process, and clear the outstanding issues.