8 Old North Face Sleeping Bag Models (Overview)

Do you need a sleeping bag from North Face but are unsure which model to pick?

In order to make the best choice possible when purchasing, this article will assist you in learning about the many North Face sleeping bag models.

List of good old North Face Sleeping Bag Models

North Face sleeping bags only used to be available in long-sized lengths. They were also costly and were not readily available. Nowadays, they come in all different sizes and shapes.

They are also readily available; you can get one for as low as $100. The price depends on the model and size you prefer. Here is a list of old north face sleeping bags.


Brief history of North Face sleeping bags

North face sleeping bags were first introduced in 1930. They constructed their first sleeping bag using synthetic fibre made of polyester. The Synthetic fibre made the sleeping bags feel soft and flexible and had excellent compatibility.

However, synthetic fibre gets wet very quickly and is not very durable. So North Face added some readjustments such as continuous-filament insulation. This made sleeping bags more lofty, robust, and long-lasting.

The sleeping bags were costly. So as the years went by, North Face came up with different models and sizes. They even improved their fill to the down insulating material. Down insulation is made of a high, fluffy substance found behind a goose or duck’s feathers.

Down generated loose fibre tendrils with a high loft that traps body heat. Down was more breathable than synthetic fibre, which aided in the removal of unwanted moisture from the body.

North Face has recently used the 3D crystal down filler, which is now used as an insulating material in all North Face products. They also incorporated synthetic and down insulation in their sleeping bags.

Now, it comes down to the customer’s preference. They also use recyclable materials in their products to support environmentalism.

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Where to buy old North Face sleeping bags

You can find North face sleeping bags on e-commerce sites like eBay and Amazon or local outfitters such as REI.

Consider looking for old models by searching the year they were made. For example, you can search for a “70s north face sleeping bag” or an “80s north face sleeping bag”.

How to identify your old North Face sleeping bag

Before 2000, most old north face sleeping bags were blue or red and had brown logos. So if your north face sleeping bag has a brown logo, it is a vintage north face sleeping bag.

Are old sleeping bags still good?

Yes, old sleeping bags are still good. Sleeping bags can last for many years with proper care and usage. They stay up to 15 years before they start to degrade. If not correctly taken care of, they last for only three years.

The sleeping bag fabric can tolerate a variety of circumstances while remaining effective after a long period. To ensure your old sleeping bag does not lose its fluff, hang it when you are done using it.

The longer the sleeping bag is used, the more it loses its loft. If a sleeping bag loses its loft, it loses its warming ability. To refresh an old sleeping bag, clean and dry it out.

After it is dried out, try sleeping on it and see if it is still warm. If not, it is time to invest in a new sleeping bag.

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Factors that determine the lifespan of a sleeping bag

How often do you clean your sleeping bag

Sleeping bags that are not frequently cleaned become much faster. Dust settles on the sleeping bags, which deteriorates the fabric and causes it to break down.

Where you store your sleeping bag;

The location of your sleeping bag after use is critical to its longevity. If you keep it in a dry environment with no moisture or humidity, it will be less likely to have mould and mildew.

The material used to make the sleeping bag

The type and quality of the used construction materials, as well as the overall construction quality, including stitches and seams, can be a reason why your sleeping bag does not last long.

Poor quality Fabrics cause a sleeping bag to rip and fall apart quickly.

The type of zippers and seams used.

Whether zippers are prefabricated or cut from fabric. Instead of being cut from the material, seams are sewn onto it to last longer since they are more difficult to destroy.

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To ensure your sleeping bag lasts longer, store it somewhere dry. This decreases the likelihood of mould and mildew growth on your sleeping bag, which can quickly damage it.

Also, do not firmly roll or fold your sleeping bag after usage. This can quickly destroy the fabric, as you will apply excessive pressure to specific spots. When you uncompress it, it will have lost its loft.

Follow the washing instructions on the sleeping bag. Ensure you rinse it and hang it out to dry. Avoid folding your sleeping bag when it is wet. Moisture ruins the sleeping bag from within, making it wear out faster.


North Face old sleeping bags have existed since 1930. You can get them on Amazon, eBay, or any outfitter store. Check the north face logo to know if your sleeping bag is old. If the north face logo is brown, that is an ancient north face sleeping bag.
Ensure you take care of the sleeping bag, even if it is old. Some factors that deteriorate a sleeping bag is dust and storing it in damp places. So ensure you take care of your sleeping bag to last longer.