What is “Room Run of the House”? Is it even worth It?

Can you imagine arriving at a hotel, but instead of choosing your Room, you let your fate take the reins? This concept is a norm today in most hospitality industries.

“Room Run of the House” has been making a splash in the industry while offering people all the assistance. However, is it really worth relinquishing control over your room choice? Follow us today as we uncover the captivating journey of this unique accommodation option.

In this article, we will go deep into the universe of “Room Run of the House,” Unmasking its importance and how it works across several accommodations, from luxurious hotels to charming bed and breakfasts. We will look into the secrets behind this choice welcomed by many in the hospitality industry.

Room Run of the House

What is “Room Run of the House”?

Room Run of the House” is a captivating and mysterious concept within the hospitality industry, where guests willingly surrender their room selection to the hotel’s discretion. By doing so, they have no choice but to embrace any available room at the hotel of their choice. In this case, the guest cannot foresee the room type, location, or view.

This fascinating concept works differently across several accommodations, from hotels to resorts and from luxurious beds to decent breakfasts.

However, opting for “Room Run of the House.” the staff makes the selection based on real-time availability during check-in, which can lead to thrilling surprises, like unexpected upgrades to higher-tier rooms.

This means the guest can anticipate getting any room spanning from standard accommodations to opulent suites.

“Room Run of the House” may give guests a delightful twist at the pleasant bed and breakfasts.

Although this concept may have limited Rooms, guests may experience thrilling moments and surprises by opting for the room run of the House options.

The enchanting concept extends to resorts as well. Guests opting for “Room Run of the House” in resorts are in for an adventure, as they will be assigned any available room within their selected category.

The array of room types, such as ocean-view rooms, garden-view rooms, and private villas, ensures the experience remains refreshing and unpredictable.

Overall, “Room Run of the House” offers a one-of-a-kind and exhilarating experience for travelers who embrace the element of surprise and are not fixated on specific room preferences.

This concept gives the guest all the excitement of a stay, rewarding them with unexpected upgrades in room accommodations.

Is Room Run of the House worth it?

Is Room Run worth it? This is a burning and intriguing question to many travelers salvaging on the luxury of the hotel they intend to stay.

Travelers contemplate whether to surrender control over their room selection and embrace the element of surprise during their stay.

What makes this type of accommodation so enticing to many travelers?

Let us discuss what makes this accommodation so favorable to some while they are less desirable to others.

The Advantages of Room Run of the House

Possibility of landing upgraded room accommodations

Using the Room Run of the House to get a room opens possibilities of landing upgraded room accommodations. This is one of the most attractive components of Room Run of the House.

The guest who willingly accepts this choice of room selection can be assigned a higher category room, such as a deluxe suite or Room with a better view.

This concept, embraced by many hotels and resorts, adds a more delightful element to the overall experience and the creation of lasting memories.


Flexibility and Adventure allow guests to embrace the flexibility of choosing their Room.

Looking at other regular hotels where bookings are made, where guests have predetermined expectations.

Room Run of the House offers a sense of adventure and spontaneity. The guests have no clue about what awaits them; you can imagine the curiosity and excitement preceding their decision.


Travelers who value money and savings can have a spot in the Room Run of the House concept.

This is because of their cost-effective nature; depending on the hotel, the guests may have more affordable room rates and some special promotions for this option.

Budget-conscious travelers who want comfort and luxury without paying the total price can use this concept.

The Drawbacks of Room Run of the House

Unpredictable room assignment

Unpredictable Room Assignments One of the disadvantages of Room Run of the House. There is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to room allocation.

They are in a position to get a room that does not match what they expected. There is no assurance that you will get the perfect Room or reach the place.

No prior plans for your trip regarding your room

Inability to plan, give all the power to Room run of the House to plan for you, prepare your Room and make some bookings.

This idea inhibits one from making prior plans for the trip, the type of Room you will stay, this. All plans will remain in mind, only to be surprised when you arrive.

Possibility of landing less desirable rooms

There is also a high possibility of getting less desirable rooms, for lucky guests may land into a more classy room. At the same time, others may be assigned rooms that fall short in terms of location, size, or amenities.

This idea of Room run of the House may not be welcomed by guests who value specific features in their travel plans and prefer to know what is bestowed before them.

Room Run of the House is best appreciated by adventurous travelers thrilled by spontaneity and curiosity of the unknown.

This accommodation choice can infuse a sense of excitement into the travel experience, particularly for those who charm in surprises and are willing to take chances with their accommodation arrangements.

Budget-conscious travelers may also appreciate the potential for unexpected upgrades, offering a taste of luxury without huge prices.

On the other hand, Room Run of the House may not appeal to travelers who prioritize control and certainty in their travel plans.

Guests with specific room preferences, such as location, proximity to the business center and amenities, or a particular view, may not feel this concept relevant to their travel plans.

The Origin of “Run of the House”

“Run of the House” traces its origin back to the early days of the hospitality industry, where guests were offered a simple and more flexible way of getting a room. The process was straightforward and less complex.

Guest had the option to either book a specific room or opt for an unknown and adventurous” Run of the house.” By doing so, the guest has surrendered all the work to the staff and is willing to accept any available room within the premise without specifying their preferences.

One of the advantages of Run of the House to the hotels is that it ensures that all the rooms available at the premise are fully occupied and allows efficient use of the room inventory.

Today, the Run of the House concept remains relevant and widely used by many global hospitality industries. Many hotels and restaurants offer variant rooms to guests ranging from standard rooms to deluxe suites, while others may limit the choices to a specific room type.

Hotels today employ this concept of Run of the House to entice guests during peak hours or periods. This happens when specific rooms are not available.

This approach benefits the hotels and the guest as well as the hotels get maximum room occupancy while guests can benefit from the last-minute deals.

However, the traces of the Run to House concept are slowly fading due to the rise of online booking platforms. However, it remains popular among travelers who still value the spontaneous and adventurous experience.