Is Mesa Airlines a Good or Bad Airline? (8 Pros & 4 Cons)

Mesa Airlines has provided all passengers with safe and secure travel since 1979. It has been operating safely to various local and international destinations.

Mesa Airlines is based in Phoenix, Arizona; however, the Airline has received many acknowledgments for its incredible performance in the aviation industry. The big question remains: Is Mesa Airlines a Good or Bad Airline?

In this article, we will look at the significant strengths and weaknesses of Mesa Airlines. By the end of reading, you will have a comprehensive understanding of Mesa Airlines and be able to make an informed decision.

Here’s if Mesa Airlines is a good airline

Mesa Airlines is regarded as the safest Airline; the Airline has employed many different measures to ensure that passengers have a secure in-flight experience. Working closely with experienced crew members has elevated the Airline to be the best Airline. The Airline provides significant domestic flights linking many cities in the United States. Mesa Airlines is regarded as reasonable because of its measures, such as the safety of the passengers.

Is Mesa Airlines a Good or Bad Airline?

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8 Pros why Mesa Airlines is a good airline

Exceptional customer service

Mesa Airlines has garnered a reputation for exceptional customer service. You should expect to be greeted with friendly, professional staff dedicated to offering you comfortable and memorable travel moments when traveling with Mesa Airlines.

Your experience with Mesa Airlines is immense, especially when you fly with first class.

Extensive Route Network

An extensive route network is very important for every Airline, and Mesa Airlines is no exception.

It gives passengers a wide range of options and destinations, enhancing their travel experience.

Mesa Airlines allows you to travel to major cities, regional airports, and even smaller local destinations. The Airline serves up to 144 United States cities and flights to Canada, Mexico, and the Bahamas.


The Airline emphasizes passengers’ safety and operational reliability; Mesa ensures that it provides customers with a dependable travel experience.

Mesa Airlines will be your choice if you are a traveler and prioritize much of your time.

Comfort and Amenities

Mesa Airlines surpasses all odds to make the journey unique and comfortable. They invest in modern, well-maintained aircraft, offering ample legroom and plush seats.

The inflight entertainment such as movies, music, and free Wi-Fi connectivity are not left out.

They also provide complimentary refreshments and cater to passengers with special needs.

Mesa Airlines prioritizes your comfort, ensuring you have a relaxing and pleasant journey from start to finish.

Seamless connections

When choosing Mesa Airlines, the seamless connection is paramount; many passengers remarkably consider the Airline.

The Airline has joined hands with major carriers such as American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and United Airlines, so booking connecting flights is a breeze.

This gives a travel plan, reduces layovers, and ensures smooth travel between flights.

If you travel with Mesa Airlines, expect coordinated flight schedules, smooth check-in, and luggage handling.

In addition to this partnership, passengers can access many destinations, from regional airports to major hubs, offering a well-coordinated and hassle-free travel experience ideal for travelers seeking convenience and efficiency.


Safety is an essential component for both Mesa Airlines and passengers.

The Airline follows the regulation standards of aviation authorities such as the Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA) and the National Transportation Safety Board ( NTSB).

Their commitment to these safety regulations ensures that passengers can trust Mesa Airlines completely.

Another way is that the Airlines employ highly and well-trained crew members. Pilots and crew members continuously learn and gain new skills to tackle emerging issues, prioritizing the passenger’s safety.

Modernization of the carries

The modernization of the Airline has contributed positively to passengers’ comfort and enjoyment during long-haul journeys.

With technological advancements, Mesa Airlines has ventured into more advanced airlines and fuel-efficient aircraft. The digitization of the Airline has facilitated the easy booking of flights and the discharging of in-flight services.

Furthermore, modernization has helped enhance the passengers’ customer services through innovative technologies such as chatbots.

Safety measures are paramount in advancing modernization for every customer and personal information.

The modernization equips airlines like Mesa with the tools and practices to excel in the aviation industry despite many challenges.

4 Disadvantages of why Mesa Airlines is a lousy airline

Limited International travels

Mesa Airlines primarily focuses on domestic routes in the United States; travelers seeking to travel outside the States are limited from using Mesa Airlines.

It can also pose a threat to passengers who need a seamless transition. With this limitation, they must make an alternative to reach their desired international location.

If you intend to travel to other international nations, looking at airlines with extensive global networks is important.

Lack of customer support

Mesa Airlines needs more customer support, which can be a significant setback due to its regional aim. Passengers may encounter difficulties since the Airline might not provide 24-hour assistance.

This causes many problems for the Airline, especially during emergencies.

Furthermore, communication channels for contacting customer support may be limited, leading to delays in problem resolution or obtaining. The frustrations and stress that linger on passengers will be overwhelming.

Passenger satisfaction is also affected when resolving issues or complaints may be slower due to limited employees and a lack of customer support.

Lack of enough Amenities

It is important to note that Mesa Airlines is a domestic airline; the lack of enough amenities is a disadvantage compared to larger carriers.

The Airline does not provide meals for basic amenities such as limited food or drink options on shorter routes. This can be disappointing to passengers who need more attention.

In-flight amenities like limited entertainment, especially during shorter routes, can be a major blow to those passengers who value entertainment.

Imagine traveling without catching your favorite movie or TV show because the Airline is on a shorter route. It must be boring!

Many Mesa Airlines provide Wi-Fi connectivity, but this service may only be available on some travel routes. This can have a negative impact on passengers who rely on the Internet to complete their tasks or attend meetings.

Less Frequent flights

A smaller number of flights can be a major problem for Mesa Airlines, especially compared to giant carriers.

This often affects the time of departure and arrival, causing a lot of inconvenience to passengers with a strict schedule.

As a result, the customers have limited alternatives to select from, resulting in long waits and extended layovers.

Mesa Airlines alternatives

Skywest Airlines and ExpressJet Airlines are some of the best alternatives that you can choose in place of Mesa Airlines. These Airlines offer regional experiences to the United States citizens.

From a wider perspective, big giants such as American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines exist, offering you a broader range of destinations, amenities, and in-flight services.

You can tailor your travel experiences to your specific needs with all the alternatives present. The ball is in your court, whether it’s a dream destination, convenience, or comfort in the sky.