How To Use Firestarter Cubes – 9 Simple Steps

It can be tough to start a fire in the woods when dealing with wind, rain, and other conditions. Since the stone era, firestarters have evolved to include friction, matches, and solar energy, among others. However, they cannot be relied upon in all conditions. This is why firestarter cubes are valuable.

They are simple to use, whether you are a beginner camper or a wilderness expert. Let us look at how to use them, some of the best firestarter cubes, and what they are made of.

Here is how you use firestarter cubes

The firestarter cubes are used both indoors and outdoors. How many cubes you use determines how large a fire you want and how long you want it to last.

Here is how you use firestarter cubes in a step-by-step guide.

  1. Break three to four cubes from the packet and place them in the middle of a fire ring.
  2. For the cube to ignite, scratch the surface a little so that the tiny fibers can catch the spark.
  3. The cubes will burn for 10 – 12 minutes. Put the charcoal, logs, briquettes, or a thin layer of cinders around the cubes, ensuring you do not fully cover them. Remember to start with thin twigs and work your way up to larger pieces.
  4. If it is raining, find dead branches high in the trees. With the cubes burning for 10 – 12 minutes, even if you do not have the driest pieces of tinder, you will be able to dry them out while the cube burns.
  5. Lightly cover the cubes and the inner circle of thin diameter twigs with larger charcoal chunks, taking care not to bury the firestarter cubes.
  6. Remember to gather all your kindling before lighting the firestarter cube.
  7. Do not smother or suffocate the firestarter cubes; leave sufficient space for the fire to breathe.
  8. Before cooking, let the coals ash over evenly until they are glowing for twenty minutes.
  9. To avoid smoking, leave a few inches of space between your pieces of burning firewood, and stack them, so they have little contact. Stacking the wood in a log cabin arrangement is an effective method for starting a fire.

Don’t have firestarter cubes? Try a fire starter alternative with hand sanitizer


The benefits of using firestarter cubes

  • They are non-toxic
  • One cube burns for up to 12 minutes, enough time to get your kindling going.
  • They take less space compared to other tinders like newspapers
  • They are more affordable than flint and magnesium fire starters or newspaper subscriptions.
  • They are ash-free
  • They will light and ignite your charcoal in seconds, even in windy or rainy conditions.
  • They do not impart the scent or flavor of lighter fluid to your meal.

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Best firestarter cubes options

Weber 12-Pack FireStarter Cubes

Weber 12-Pack Firestarter Cubes sustain a long-lasting, constant flame to help you start fires. They ignite for ten minutes of burning with tall flames. They are available in a box of 24 individual firestarter cubes. They are individually packaged in water-resistant packaging.

They are made from safe, odorless kerosene for a steady, scorching burn. Portability and compactness make the cubes ideal for camping, hunting, backpacking, beach fires, fire pits, and charcoal barbecues, among other uses.

Using Weber 12-Pack FireStarter Cubes to ignite a wood fire results in a quicker and more complete ignition, lowering particulate matter and carbon monoxide emissions. They are cheap at $5.49 for a 24-pack.

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Zip Premium High-Performance Energy Firelighter Cubes

They are pretty expensive. They burn for a long time and can ignite the most stubborn fuels in indoor and outdoor fires. A 24-pack goes for $11.

You need one or two wax firestarters made from wood to ignite the fire more than fifty times. They’re created using only natural waxes and wood, producing rapid ignition and flame spread. Zip cubes are 100 percent waterproof.

What are fire Starter Cubes made of

They are made of paraffin wax or natural waxes and pressed wood. They are packaged in plastic trays and covered in foil to prevent them from drying out and to keep them waterproof.

Firestarter cubes are solid fuel cubes that can be split and ignited with a match. They maintain a continuous, long-lasting flame to aid in starting fires. They serve as a backup firestarter if your matches become wet.

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Firestarter cubes are an excellent alternative to lighter fluid or newspapers. The wind and water resistance, affordability, and portability give them a massive advantage over other fire starters. The takeaway is to ensure you do not put them on top of the wood or charcoal; instead, put them in the middle of the wood build-up.