Best Weather In Arizona – Which City & Best Time To Go

Arizona attracts many tourists because of its sunny and dry weather. The most common attraction site for people coming to Arizona is the Grand Canyon. If you love hiking, rafting, bike tours, and trail, all these are capable while enjoying the captivating scenes at the canyons.

However, Arizona’s hot conditions may be a concern when touring its cities and towns. Before visiting Arizona, you need to be aware of the weather trends. We have everything critical weatherwise you should know while visiting Arizona.

Here’s the city with the best weather in Arizona

Flagstaff is the city that has the most pleasing climatic conditions in Arizona. While cities like Phoenix, Tucson, and Yuma experience hot weather, in Flagstaff, the temperatures are 25 degrees cooler. The daily temperatures in Flagstaff average 80 degrees F while in Phoenix, Tucson, and Yuma, the temperatures reach as high as 105 degrees F.


Best time to visit Arizona

The right time to visit Arizona is during the fall and spring seasons. Fall runs from April to June, while spring runs from September to December.

During these periods, you will notice a surge in the number of tourists coming to Arizona.

Although fall and spring are the best periods to visit Arizona, this won’t mean that visiting in other seasons is not right.

In the summer, in areas with high heat levels, there are other alternatives you can visit in Arizona.

For instance, the climate is cooler in the north, and the temperatures do not hit triple figures.

In the winter, you can dodge the hot desert conditions in the south and try skiing in the mountains in the north.

The areas with a high elevation receive some of the highest quantities of snow, making the mountain perfect for winter sports.

The table below shows the average temperature at different seasons in Arizona.

SeasonTemperature highs and lows (0F)

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What month has the best weather in Flagstaff?

July’s weather is the best in Flagstaff. July weather is sunny and humid weather. Its daily temperatures reach highs of 81 degrees and lows of 51 degrees.

The climate makes it the perfect city to escape the high heat in Arizona in the summer.

Moreover, July is also in the off-season in Arizona. With this in mind, you can take advantage of the reduced prices while on vacation.

How is the weather in Flagstaff?

The weather in Flagstaff differs throughout the year; therefore, it is crucial that when visiting, remember to pack clothing appropriately.

It experiences all seasons of Flagstaff and averages cool temperatures because of the high elevation of 7000ft.

Regardless of the season in Flagstaff, there will be sunshine, making it one of the best places to visit in Arizona.

Fall in Flagstaff

Fall in Flagstaff begins in mid-September and ends in late November. Often, fall days are sunny and warm, with a little mountain air that turns trees from green to gold.

To enjoy these fall colors well, you can tour the Aspen groves on the San Francisco Peaks.

After the sun sets, warm clothes are essential because the night gets cold.

This is a perfect time to start a campfire to keep warm and enjoy the sound of fire sparks in the chilly weather.

The busiest attractions in the fall include the San Francisco Peaks, Snowbowl Road, and Lockett Meadow.

Winter in Flagstaff

Winter starts in late November and ends in mid-March. Temperatures drop low between 38 and 40 degrees, therefore heavy attire is a must, especially when snow falls.

Snow falls in Flagstaff, and even if it does, in one or two days, the sun will appear.

The dry climate of Arizona also contributes to extremely low temperatures but they will not reach below 10 degrees.

After it snows, the road accessing Flagstaff needs precaution when using it, especially the one leading to Snowbowl Ski Resort.

A lot of accidents result from road conditions leading to huge traffic for long hours.

If you are driving, ensure you have an off-road capable vehicle fitted with snow or all-terrain tires.

Spring in Flagstaff

Spring season starts in mid-March ending late May. After winter is over, temperatures become warmer.

Spring days in Flagstaff get sunny with a slight cold wind.

At the Snowbowl resort, the conditions become favourable for skiing and snowboarding activities.

At night the temperatures drop, hence jackets and sweaters are essential.

Summer in Flagstaff

Summer occurs between late May and mid-September. Flagstaff has the most spectacular summer in Arizona.

Daytime weather has a lot of sunshine with temperatures of about 75 degrees. Nighttime is not too cold, hence, light warm wear works well.

Months between Mid-July and August experience afternoon rains.

These rains occur shortly and the sun resumes to heat Flagstaff.

How many sunny days are there in Flagstaff?

Flagstaff has 161 sunny days with partial cloud cover. Therefore, you must remember to carry sunscreen and a brimmed hat for your trip to protect you from UV rays.

UV light from areas with high altitudes is dangerous, thus a need to shield yourself appropriately.

Although Flagstaff experiences the sun throughout all four seasons, some days are not sunny.

How much does it rain and snow in Flagstaff?

Flagstaff receives monsoon rain that happens in July and August. The average rainfall in Flagstaff is 9.2 inches. The city also experiences snowfall that averages 100 inches in the winter.

Other 5 cities with the best weather in Arizona

Apart from Flagstaff, there are other cities with the best climate in Arizona.


The Colorado River provides a steady supply of cool air to the hot Yuma city, making the climatic conditions ideal for summer trips.


The city has one of the best climates in Arizona. Sedona and Flagstaff are high-altitude cities. They share most of the characteristics, like cool summers and snowy winters.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon temperatures are cooler and average 86 degrees. The city is home to one of the most beautiful sceneries in America, drawing over 6 million visitors yearly.

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Another great place to escape the hot Arizona sun is Greer. It averages 76 degrees in the summer.


If you are looking for a calmer city to stay in for your summer vacation, Williams is a great option. Its temperatures in the summer average 83 degrees.

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